Show in Github

This is an add-in for MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio that adds some commands to the context menu of the text editor for working with GitHub. Those commands are:

  • Show in GitHub: this command will open a web browser and load a page in Github that shows the file being currently edited (using the correct branch), and it will highlight the current line.
  • Copy GitHub Link: like the Show in GitHub command, but instead of opening a web browser, it copies the link to the clipboard, so you can easily share it chat windows or e-mails.

To use the add-in, just open the Add-in Manager in MonoDevelop or Xamarin Studio and look for "Show in Github", then click on Install.


MonoDevelop 7.0

1.0.4 (Stable)
Linux Win32 Mac

MonoDevelop 6.0

1.0.3 (Stable)
Linux Win32 Mac

MonoDevelop 5.0

1.0.2 (Stable)
Linux Win32 Mac
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