Haxe Language Binding

Supported Features

  • Project generation for Haxe C++, Flash, Javascript, Neko, PHP and NME projects
  • Syntax highlighting for *.hx and *.nmml files
  • Completion for method parameters and object properties
  • Build and run support for most projects

Known Issues

  • (Windows) There is a long pause when creating a new solution
  • (Windows) The project options cannot be displayed
  • Project generation may create invalid class names
  • Non-trigger-based code completion is not available yet


The main class is based off the name of your project, so if you make your project with a name that will not be a valid Haxe class name, like if it begins with a lowercase letter, you may need to correct this manually or recreate the project with a new name. This will be improved in the future.

Support should be solid for Linux and Mac. There are some Windows-specific issues which still need to be looked into. I can still receive code completion and highlighting, but projects take a while to create, and you cannot access the project options.

Code completion is provided from the haxe compiler, currently. This works for all object methods and properties (like "this.graphics") but does not work for looking up imported types (like "this" or "new Sprite"). This will probably also improve in the future. In other words, completion based on a trigger like a period or parenthesis will work. You do not need to press Ctrl+Space to trigger completion.


MonoDevelop 3.0

0.4.1 (Beta)
Mac Linux Win32
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